Ashley Korbey, a native New Englander, has been performing a great deal of her life.

She started dance at age three, climbing the ladder from ballet, tap and jazz into the worlds of lyrical, contemporary and hip-hop. At the end of middle school, she started musical theatre; her thirst for it began to grow beyond the walls of her high school so she took to neighboring playhouses and theatre companies to learn more on stage and off. She also started voice lessons.

In college in New York City, she continued both passions with a voice scholarship and minor in dance to her major, Arts Administration. She holds a business degree, focused in corporate film and most specifically, Development. Her internships at ABC, MTV and Focus Features fueled her interest in film and television, but her gut instinct to entertain never left her. Throughout college, she did plays and short films, never being able to pull herself away from performance.

Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. Within her first week here, she auditioned for and was accepted at The John Kirby Studio in Hollywood. She has been taking Intensive Scene Study classes and private coaching with John since. She was accepted into the professional program at Groundlings and is currently taking intermediate level improv there. She has theatrical and commercial representation with Integrity Talent Agency. She is currently seeking Managerial Representation.